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Bienvenidos ! Meow !!! bowwow !!! gurgle!!!

The sounds-alluring, the feeling-cozy and the warmth-contagious. Our pets are our best friends. They have stood with us when the world looked the other way. However, not enough has been done to create a difference in their lives. We are Agro Food Industries- pet food manufacturers and natural dog food manufacturers and have committed ourselves to create a bit of difference in their world, by offering our top of the range pet food products.

Agro Food Industries are pet food manufacturers India and dog food manufacturers offering world class pet food, natural dog food, dried dog chews, smoked bones and dried dog treats and rewards.


Pet Food Manufacturers
Dried Lungs  |  Dried Hoof  |  Dried Liver  |  Dried Tripe
Dried Shashlik  |  Dried Paddywack  |  Dried Braided Pizzle  |  Dried Ear
Smoked Bones  |  Dried Tail  |  Bleached Bones  |  Dried Tripe Powder
Dried Casing  |  Dried Gullet

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